Long Live Elton Brand’s Twitter Account

Monday, November 18, 2013
By Jaryd Wilson

Elton Brand has retired from Twitter…just one day after joining.

The 34-year-old was the only Hawks player who didn’t have a Twitter account.  That was until Sunday, when Brand finally decided to try it.  @EltonBrand42 didn’t last long though, as Elton tweeted for the last time just minutes before the team took off for Miami Monday afternoon.

“Special Thanks to the Tens and Tens of followers I’ve met since yesterday. This Twitter Stuff is just not for me though. #PeaceAndBlessings”

A few things to note:

– In just 24 hours, Brand had already grasped the concept of hashtags, even if he didn’t fully understand how they worked.

– While Brand was clearly being humorous with the “tens and tens” comment, the reality was he had well over 1,000 followers as of this morning, which was the last time we checked on the account.

Brand deleted the account before we could get a screen shot of the roughly 15 tweets he had published over the past 24 hours.  He had some classics, though none better than the one to Lou Williams in which he called Instagram “InterGram,” which got a laugh and a retweet out of Williams:

Brand’s sudden burst onto the Twitter scene had us fired up Sunday night:

Shortly after our tweet, teammate Pero Antic welcomed the 15-year veteran with a shoutout:

It’s too bad Brand decided not to go through with it, because this could have been a fun thing to follow.  Now we’ll never know what photos he posts from InterGram.

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