Fan Will Mow Shaq and Chuck’s Lawns For Pero Antic Rising Stars Appearance

Monday, January 6, 2014
By Jaryd Wilson

Macedonian fans are crazy.  I’ve learned that through their crazy support of Pero Antic on social media and at many road games this season.  After all, he is the first player from their country to ever play in the NBA, so the natives have a right to be excited.

But one fan has taken his support of the 6’11” Hawks big man to a whole new level.  In a recent photo tweeted at TNT analysts Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley, Ivan Menkinoski, who lives in the Macedonian capital of Skopje according to his Twitter profile, says that he will fly to the U.S. and mow both analysts’ lawns for the rest of the season if they select Antic for the NBA’s “Rising Stars Challenge” in New Orleans.  But Ivan didn’t stop there.  He also says he’ll include the playoffs in his bargain and says he’ll perform the laborious act with “nail scissors” (which I assume is actually nail clippers, meaning he wouldn’t actually be “mowing” anything, but…you know, details).

And the best part is…the message itself isn’t presented via email, text or even a handwritten note, but rather written on who I assume is Ivan’s chest in body paint.  I give him credit for being dedicated (and possibly crazy or frightening).

That could take Ivan a while.  And while I sincerely wish that Shaq and Chuck would take Antic, Ivan is slightly confused because it’s actually not up to them.  The Rising Stars Challenge participants, which consist of nine rookies and nine second-year players, are actually selected by assistant coaches throughout the NBA.  Once the 18 players are picked, Shaq and Chuck then “draft” them onto two teams.  So really, Ivan’s message should go out to assistant coaches league-wide, and maybe they can get the benefit of some nail-scissoring grass cutting.  It would be hilarious to watch it happen, and knowing where Ivan is from and his passion for Antic, I wouldn’t put it past him.

(By the way, Antic will be starting his third consecutive game when the Hawks face Brooklyn Monday, so given the recent bump in playing time, it’s not completely unreasonable to think he can be selected as one of the nine rookies if he has a monster month of January)

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