Dominique Wilkins Recreates Iconic Photo From London’s Tower Bridge

Thursday, January 16, 2014
By Micah Hart

Back in 1993, the Hawks and Magic traveled across the pond to play two preseason games (the first-ever NBA games in the UK), and while there, Dominique Wilkins posed for a famous photograph with the Tower Bridge in the background.

If you are a denizen of the internet (and I’m guessing you are if you are reading this – hi!), you may be aware of the relatively recent meme of people recreating photos of themselves from their youth. With the Hawks coming to London, we knew we had one mission to accomplish while we were here aside from beating the Nets, and that was to get over to the bridge and get a new photograph.

With intermittent rain all day on Wednesday, we worried we would miss our window, but fortune (and a little sunshine) smiled on us Thursday morning, as we hopped in a taxi, suited Nique up in a 1993 warm-up jersey (available now at, and ta-da! Here you go:



 I’d say Nique still cuts a pretty impressive figure – what do you think?

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