Fans Get Chance To Live Tweet Hawks Game

Monday, January 27, 2014
By Jaryd Wilson


Here’s your chance to get retweeted by the official Atlanta Hawks Twitter account!

For those who follow us on Twitter (and if you don’t, click here and do so before reading any further), you know that we’re pretty heavy on tweeting during games because, let’s face it, you want the updates.  We tweet live updates during the game action, complete with color commentary for your enjoyment.

On Wednesday Feb. 5 during our game in New Orleans against the Pelicans, we’re giving you the chance to do this for us.  From the opening tip until the final buzzer, we will not send a single original tweet from our account.  Instead, we’ll simply spend the night retweeting you as you provide the game updates and commentary.  Through your tweets, we’ll be giving followers live updates the same way we would if we were tweeting ourselves.

How do I get retweeted?

Simple.  Just use the hashtag #HawksFanTakeover somewhere in your tweet.  Doing so won’t guarantee you get retweeted, but it will guarantee that we see it, thus making you eligible for such an honor.

What types of tweets are you looking for?

Great question!  We tend to tweet positive updates relating to our team.  These generally include score and stats updates, as well as some colorful commentary.

What will make my tweet stand out among the billions you’ll get that night?

Creativity!  If Jeff Teague throws an alley-oop to Paul Millsap, get excited about it!  If Kyle Korver hits a three-pointer to extend his streak, let us know about it!  We’re looking for excitement and creativity mixed with real-time updates of what the score is and how the game is going.

Do you have examples?

Feel free to follow us on Twitter for upcoming games prior to Feb. 5 if you want to see how we do things.  You can also scroll back through our feed to see how we’ve covered games in the past.

Can I be negative and critical?

Sure, but chances are you won’t get retweeted.  Inevitably things are going to go wrong throughout the course of a game.  When that happens, we like to stay positive and focus on what the team needs to do to get back on track.  Encouraging tweets during those times will likely be rewarded.

What if I don’t use the #HawksFanTakeover hashtag?

Unfortunately we can’t monitor every tweet about our team, so we’re asking fans to use #HawksFanTakeover to narrow the scope.  If you don’t have that hashtag in your tweet, that particular tweet won’t be retweeted.

What’s the hashtag for Korver’s streak again?


How can I follow the game so I know what to tweet about?

The Feb. 5 game against the Pelicans will air live on SportSouth and 92.9 The Game at 8 p.m. ET.

What if I’m unable to watch or listen?

On Feb. 5 at exactly 8 p.m. ET, the home page will turn into a TV Companion, which will feed live play-by-play updates and stats.  You can follow along there and still tweet relevant play-by-play and statistical updates.

How can I find updated stats during the game?

As is the case every game, going to during game play will bring up a TV Companion with a live box score.

Is there something I can reference for notes on past games and team stats so far this season?

Yes!  Our PR team makes comprehensive media notes available for download on the Game Info page prior to each game.  Click here to get to the Game Info page for the Feb. 5 game against New Orleans.  Under our logo, you’ll see a “Media Notes” button that will bring up notes for our next opponent.  You can also download these directly by clicking here (updated before each game).

Happy tweeting Hawks fans!

Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE/Getty Images

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