TBT Special: Hawks Throw it Back to Their #FirstTweet

Thursday, March 20, 2014
By Jaryd Wilson

compiled by Michele Rochford

Ever wonder what you first tweet was?

In celebration of Twitter’s 8th birthday, the company is throwing it back…way back. They’re giving their millions of users the opportunity to search and discover their very #FirstTweet. It’s simple: just go to first-tweets.com and type in your Twitter handle and be transported back to likely some inane observation about something incredibly unimportant. Or maybe that’s just us.

So in honor of everyone’s favorite way to complain about the Super Bowl halftime show and Throwback Thursday, we decided to entertain you with some of your favorite players’ first tweets (for some reason, DeMarre Carroll’s won’t work – sorry Junkyard Dog!).

Cartier Martin was first into the Twitter pool in May of 2009…

Some showed their jokester personalities right away:

Some realized the platform’s value as a marketing tool:

Many chose simply to alert Twitter to their presence:

Some wrote things, frankly, we’re not sure what they say, but the emoticons give all the context clues we need:

And finally, some decided that Twitter just wasn’t for them.

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