Game 2 Scouting Report: Hawks vs. Pacers

Monday, April 21, 2014
By Jaryd Wilson

Atlanta Hawks v Indiana Pacers- Game One

After the Atlanta Hawks took Game 1 on the Indiana Pacers’ home floor, both teams had two days to look at film and make necessary adjustments before Game 2.

For the Hawks, all indications are they’ll be doing what they’ve been doing all year, including Game 1.  Head Coach Mike Budenholzer said there are some things to clean up but that they’ll have the same game plan going into Game 2.  For Pacers coach Frank Vogel, adjustments could be on the way as early as Tuesday, though he wouldn’t say for sure.

One possible adjustment is putting All-Star Paul George on Jeff Teague.  George is quicker than Pacers starting point guard George Hill and may have better luck keeping Teague in front of him.  At 6’9,” George would also be better apt to contest Teague’s jump shooting and could also alter shots at the rim.

If George does take Teague, then Hill would likely be tasked with chasing Kyle Korver around.  That matchup certainly favors Korver, who would be able to shoot over the much smaller Hill, as well as get himself free for more shots.  Vogel will ponder if the tradeoff is worth the switch, but it might be if the first half of Game 2 starts how the second half of Game 1 did.

The other option the Pacers have is to start Evan Turner and bring George Hill off the bench.  I doubt they’d do it, as ball-handling would be the issue with this lineup, but at least they’d have the defensive matchups they’d want and enough offensive firepower to make up for the lack of a true point guard.  After all, the Hawks don’t apply a ton of defensive pressure on the perimeter, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world for Indiana.

Atlanta did a nice job containing both David West and Roy Hibbert in Game 1 and will need to continue to do that in Game 2.  The two big men had just eight points apiece, and Neither reached double figures in rebounding.  Keeping the Pacers off the glass will be a big key in getting a Game 2 win.

If the Hawks move the ball, space the floor and stay aggressive, I like their chances of getting another win.

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Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

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