Steve Koonin Makes One Hawks Fan’s Day

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
By Jaryd Wilson

Selfies.  Owner’s locker room tours.  Free playoff tickets.

New Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin is the coolest CEO you’ll ever meet.

Koonin, who was named to the position a week and a half ago, is already making his mark among fans.  He has already appeared on radio shows and local TV broadcasts, openly saying he wants to create a connection between fans and the team, giving them a memorable experience.

He took another step toward being a prominent face of the franchise Wednesday when he agreed to do a Twitter Question & Answer session with fans from his own account (@SteveKoonin).  That in itself was special, but not nearly as special as what immediately followed.

During the Q&A, which Koonin was doing from his own account, one fan asked if he could schedule a meeting to talk.













Koonin answered:












Even though Koonin was serious, he probably thought there was no way Jordan Wilson would actually show up.  Until he did.  Koonin’s cell phone rang, and it was a Philips Arena security employee telling him that the kid who he told to come to Philips Arena was waiting outside for him.

Others may have laughed it off.  Not Koonin.  Not only did he go outside to greet Wilson, he brought him into the arena:



…gave him some Hawks gear in the owner’s locker room:



…and even took him onto the court for this incredible selfie:

Did we mention Koonin also gave him tickets to Game 3 on Thursday night?

“You made my year, maybe my life,” Wilson said as he left after getting a behind-the-scenes tour of Philips Arena.

“You need to set the bar higher,” Koonin joked in reply.

An unforgettable experience indeed.

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One Response to “Steve Koonin Makes One Hawks Fan’s Day”

  1. Debbie Matthews

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. That’s just the kind of guy Steve is. He’s genuine and very personable. Reading this tweet and seeing the pictures made me smile. Even though Steve has left the Turner family, at least he’s still our next door neighbor.