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Hawks Catch Attention After Impressive Game 1 Win

By Jaryd Wilson

The Atlanta Hawks have been brushed aside by the national media for much of the 2013-14 season.  Perhaps it’s because they don’t have a superstar, perhaps it’s because they lingered around .500 all season, or perhaps it’s because the media wrote them off after two-time All-Star Al Horford suffered a season-ending injury. That changed... »

Experts Like Millsap for All-Star Game

By Jaryd Wilson

Now that All-Star voting is over, several “experts” have weighed in on who their All-Star teams should be.  Zach Lowe of Grantland.com likes Paul Millsap as an East reserve and says Jeff Teague was one of his toughest omissions. Click here to see Lowe’s team NBA.com’s John Schumann weighed in on his East reserves... »

#1 vs. #2

By Jon Newberry

Before you start accusing the media of generating hype around this week’s back-to-back match-up with the Cavs, realize that ESPN’s John Hollinger uses a mathematical formula for his weekly NBA Power Rankings. His rankings have the Hawks sitting at the top for the second week in a row with the Cavs moving into the... »

Big Win in a BIG Way

By Jon Newberry

The Hawks have officially gotten the Celtic monkey off their back. For the first time since the 2006-07 season the Hawks have beaten Boston in the regular season. Winning was impressive (the C’s only lost to Eastern Conference opponents three times at home last season), but the way the Hawks won should turn some... »

Warm Up Your DVRs Sportsfans

By Jon Newberry

As far as anyone can tell, Sunday will be the first time in history all four major North American sports leagues will be in action in games that actually mean something. The NBA, NHL and NFL all have regular season games scheduled, and the Phillies will be hosting the Yankees in game 4 of... »

ESPN Makes It's Predictions – High On Hawks

By Micah Hart

Hmmm. This is sort of a weird place to be. I’m so used to writing this time  of year to tell you why I think the Hawks will be good despite what national prognosticators have to say on the subject. Last year, for example, most observers had Atlanta out of the playoffs. This year... »