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Hawks Paint the Town RED

By Jon Newberry

The Hawks held their annual Paint the Town event today in Atlantic Station and the highlight had to be all of the players sporting the new second road uniforms. The uniforms give the team a red option for the first time since switching team colors at the beginning of the 2007-08 season. Check out... »

Starters Asserting Themselves In Scrimmage Action

By Micah Hart

I was out of town over the weekend, so I didn’t see any of the scrimmaging yesterday at training camp. I understand the action was fast-paced and competitive, with Jamal Crawford scoring a basket late in OT to give the subs a victory over the starters. I’d say the starters took it personally, based... »

Day 3 – Can We Scrimmage Already?

By Micah Hart

There is a good reason why fans aren’t allowed to come to training camp, and it has nothing to do with being a distraction to the players or perhaps giving away the team’s secrets. It’s because training camp is boring. Yeah that’s right, I said it. I want to see some scrimmages! I want... »

Training Camp – Day 2

By Micah Hart

Training camp continued on Wednesday on the Philips Arena practice court, as the Hawks continue to work on drills and fundamentals before real scrimmaging gets underway (most likely on Friday). There was some minor scrimmaging today, with the players taking part in a 5-minute full-court drill with a 16-second shot clock. I’ve seen this... »

Hawks Open 2009 Training Camp

By Micah Hart

Monday it was all smiles and interviews – Tuesday it was down to business. The Hawks hit the practice court at Philips Arena around 9:30 am for their first official day of camp, going pretty much non-stop until about 1:00 pm. The first day is usually pretty light on actual game play, and this... »

Hawks Media Day Kicks Off 2009-10 Season

By Micah Hart

The offseason is over. Hooray! Monday the Hawks held their first official event of the 2009-10 season by hosting the team’s annual media day at Philips Arena. A plethora of TV, radio, and print outlets were on hand to get their first glimpse of the new squad and take their first opportunity to get... »

Photo Gallery: A-Town Dancer Calendar Shoot Day 3

By Micah Hart

Kaylin We are back from the Beau Rivage, and I imagine I speak for everyone when I say I’m looking forward to catching up on some rest this weekend after three very long (but very successful) days shooting on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I’ll have a couple more videos to post hopefully today, but... »

More Photos From The Volunteer Site

By Micah Hart

Today wrapped the A-Town Dancers participation in helping to rebuild houses here in the Biloxi area, as the last group of ladies put in some work this morning at the site in D’Iberville. They took a few pics and asked that I post them – who am I to argue? Thanks to Jon, Jimmy,... »

Photo Gallery: A-Town Dancer Calendar Shoot Day 2

By Micah Hart

Tuesday saw several more photo shoots take place at locations all around the Beau Rivage resort, including a trip to the Beau’s luxurious nearby golf course. I was hoping they’d want to snap a few of me hitting a few irons, but it wasn’t in the cards. Here are some photos from Day 2’s... »

Photo Gallery: A-Town Dancer Calendar Shoot Day 1

By Micah Hart

Video wasn’t enough for you? Here are some photos from Day 1 as well… »