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Hawks not Surprised by First Half Start

By feo_admin

First place halfway through, three potential all stars, a great home record and still half a season to go. What did you expect from the Hawks? Did you expect them to be in first place, be one of the highest scoring teams in the league or having one of the best home records?  Did you expect... »

So Far, So Good – 20 Games In

By Jon Newberry

The Hawks are 20 games into the 2009-10 regular season . . . roughly a quarter of the way through. Their 14-6 record has them on pace for about 57 wins, which would be 10 more than in 2008-09. A closer look at how Atlanta has gotten to this point of the season makes... »

Power(ful) Rankings

By Jon Newberry

NBA.com released its weekly Power Rankings this morning and sitting at the top of the list at #1 was the Atlanta Hawks. Unimaginable just a couple years ago, and a stretch even at the start of this season, the ranking is a huge sign of how far this team has come. Complete NBA.com Rankings... »

Is the Southeast Division the best in the NBA?

By Jon Newberry

The Denver Nuggets are learning very quickly that the Southeast Division is tough this year. When the final buzzer sounded on Saturday night at the Highlight Factory the scoreboard read Hawks 125-Nuggets 100, and the Southeast Division’s record improved to 20-10 on the season. Everyone knew the defending Eastern Conference Champion Magic were going... »

Warm Up Your DVRs Sportsfans

By Jon Newberry

As far as anyone can tell, Sunday will be the first time in history all four major North American sports leagues will be in action in games that actually mean something. The NBA, NHL and NFL all have regular season games scheduled, and the Phillies will be hosting the Yankees in game 4 of... »

Return Of The Hawks Blogger Roundtable

By Micah Hart

Less than a month away from training camp,  as we start to consider the season to come, it seemed like as good a time as any to check in with some of the Hawks bloggers out there to get their takes on the Hawks’ offseason. That’s right, it’s roundtable time! Check out the latest... »

ESPN Makes It's Predictions – High On Hawks

By Micah Hart

Hmmm. This is sort of a weird place to be. I’m so used to writing this time  of year to tell you why I think the Hawks will be good despite what national prognosticators have to say on the subject. Last year, for example, most observers had Atlanta out of the playoffs. This year... »